Here's what I believe:

Every single one of us KNOWS our life purpose. We came into the world sure of it.

....But over time, that purpose may have become invalidated by limiting beliefs around its feasibility.

"Go for logical, responsible, and credible!" the world told us.

And here we end up: confused, unhappy, feeling stuck and foggy on what we should study or what job we should take.

There's never been a better time to get back to the heart of our Life's mission, and here's a spoiler alert:

It is the most EPIC, fantastical, exciting and magical possible adventure that your heart yearns for.


You'll learn:

  • Who you REALLY are
  • What your dreams are & why you must pursue them
  • What limited beliefs are getting in the way of your success and joy
  • How to clear resistance and break through what's holding you back
  • Tools that you'll use for the rest of your life for more happiness, wealth, and fulfillment

You'll achieve:

  • Newfound clarity on your life's purpose
  • Transformation in how you view yourself and the world
  • Action that produces massive results and progress

Hi! I'm your instructor, Haley!

I'm an author, a motivational speaker, and a podcast host... but my purpose was fuzzy for a long time. There were many things I "liked," but I wasn't sure what I loved. I had many potential career paths but was waiting for that one Special One to illuminate. My path to purpose was illuminating, all right -- but it wasn't the path I had been looking at.

Turns out, the path to your purpose is supposed to be the most thrilling path of all. As I found the courage to start to take massive action toward my dreams, I was continuously asked, "How do I find my purpose?" This course is my way of helping you get there.

I built this course to feel like a workshop: I'm right there with you, guiding you through self-discovery and offering the very same tools that helped me find my own life purpose and shatter limiting beliefs.

Spend five days with me to change your life?

"Haley's course is active, engaging, and tangible. She forces you to look in the mirror and get real about what it is that you want, what you're afraid of, and how to put a plan in place. The five day course is aligned so that you can take a step towards your life purpose and dream everyday. Investing in this course is investing in your future self."